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Rebekah Fedrowitz

Integrative Health Speaker & Writer

Create a life full of health, hope & happiness.


Bring Rebekah to your event for a dynamic session that will inspire and encourage women to create better health for the best future.


Rebekah guides & equips women to a better life through health & nutrition education, cookbooks & recipes, and Biblical devotions.

Shelly Robinson


Rebekah did an absolutely phenomenal job of creating a presentation for this group of women that was informative, accessible, practical and jam-packed with her wealth of knowledge on this topic. Rebekah was consistently reliable, professional, flexible and an absolute joy to work with. She has a huge heart for wellness and making an impact in this world by showing people how to make healthy living doable and accessible, and her passion bleeds through everything she says, does, and stands for. Run, don’t walk, to book her for your next presentation. 

Women's Event Attendees


I mean, just WOW!  I was on her website before we got out of the parking lot!  Very good information and presented so as it is not overwhelming.  I will be changing some things in my life like NOW!  Awesome!

This was my favorite!  She has a great sense of humor and kept my attention. Her content was logical and had really good explanations.


BEST health and wellness speaker EVER!

Casey Poe-Campbell

Project Nourish Podcast

Rebekah shows such a great passion and fund of knowledge about nutrition. She is a poised and eloquent speaker who delivers technical information in a digestible manner. During her interview on the Project Nourish podcast, she shared so much valuable information for our listeners. I loved getting to chat with her and hope to have her on the show again in the near future!


About Rebekah

Rebekah Fedrowitz, MDN, BCHN is a women’s integrative health speaker, writer, and educator.  She is the founder of You Are Well, an integrative health collaborative, and the host of the You Are Well Health Podcast.


Rebekah is passionate about helping women escape the traps of our modern approaches to health that leave them always striving for better but often feeling worse. She believes that nutrition and other natural approaches are an important part of the body’s healing process, and with the right nutrition, we all can obtain the complete health that God intended for us to have. Rebekah integrates science and scripture for a well-rounded approach to the kind of health women are seeking.

It was due to her own health challenges that Rebekah discovered natural health. Amongst numerous certifications and continue education courses, Rebekah completed her masters diploma in nutrition and is board certified in holistic nutrition.

Rebekah is a wife and mom, an avid cook, and a wine "geek". She loves traveling with her family and spending time on the water.

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